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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #52 (2/18/16)

February 18, 2016

LuchaWorld Podcast Episode #52! Kurt "VD" Brown & Fredo "Frito" Esparza are back talking lucha! We also talk about Daniel Bryan's retirement and what his plans were prior to making his retirement decision. We talk about AAA's recent issues with Konnan, Rey Mysterio & Sexy Star. Kurt gets nostalgic and talks about Jimmy El Pulpo & Ed "The Strangler" Lewis. We talk about Lucha Underground, Officer Reyes & Ryan, Sexy Star's storyline, the Darewolf and we talk about the Jim Cornette & Marco Corleone feud as well as Kurt giving his take on how this is just Cornette trying to stir things up. We talk CMLL and look back at Negro Casas vs. Volador Jr., Dos Leyendas, CMLL women doing bad dives, Sanson's potential, Lucha Libre Elite and Super Porky possibly retiring. Also talk about WWE's Global Cruiserweight tournament, Trauma I winning the IWRG title and Los Mariachi Locos. Be sure to check out the LuchaWorld t-shirt shop and enjoy this 90+ minute show! (2/18/16)

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