LuchaWorld Podcast

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #37 (12/5/14)

December 5, 2014

Frito & The Freak return with their latest installment of the LuchaWorld Podcast! Taped on Friday (12/5) afternoon, we talk about our recent trip to the UIPW-LA show were we had a chance to interview lucha libre legend Negro Casas and watch some good ol' lucha action. We also talk about the most recent Lucha Underground shows, AAA airing their tv tapings live online, the Texano Jr. vs. Alberto El Patron street fight, some of this weekend's big shows and likely no-shows, Kurt Brown talks about books while Fredo Esparza talks about watching wrasslin', the CMLL bodybuilding competition, La Mascara finally says something we like, Estrellita's neck injury, CMLL's Sabado Populares shows in Arena Coliseo, NJPWWorld streaming service, the passing of Chespirito, Lucha Memes upcoming mascot & maestro tag team match, Kurt responds to John Cena's anti-AOL email rant on RAW, and finally we look at Saif's Art drawings of CM Punk getting fired and of Chris Jericho & Seth Rollins! Fun 90-minute show! (12/5/14)

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