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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #34 (10/11/14)

October 11, 2014

Intro by Konnan & Prince Puma! Also Johnny Mundo joins us for a brief time were he agrees we should do the interview shirtless and tells us about Lucha Underground. We talk about our trip to Lucha Underground, seeing long-time local wrestler King Faviano (now from On The Mat Radio), dealing with press people, asking real vs. storyline questions, Dario Cueto's office, Kurt meets Pimpinela, and thoughts on the shows we've attended. The weirdness of CMLL and how some guys seem to be dragged down by others. The plight of Guerrero Maya Jr. Cuchillo's passing. The lucha libre candidates in this year's Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. Fredo tries to convince Kurt to friend a certain luchador on facebook! Lots of stories are told. Two-hour podcast! (10/11/14)

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