LuchaWorld Podcast

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #32 (9/16/14)

September 16, 2014

A variety of topics in the latest LuchaWorld Podcast including a preview of the upcoming CMLL 81st Anniversary show. Thoughts on all the matches. A rant on Thunder! Where is La Sombra? Vandal predicts who will win the mask match. The wackiness of seeing Heavy Metal in this year's PWI 500. We talk about Lucha Underground and possibly going to the next set of tapings or if we'll even be allowed to enter the building. The changes Lucha Underground has made from their first set of tapings to the second set. Our weekend of L.A. Lucha attending the Fusion Pro Wrestling show on Friday night and the Legends of L.A. Lucha show on Sunday. Vandal Drummond wins a match! Meanwhile, Fredo tries to convince the gringos at the show to cheer for luchador Ku Klux Klan #1! Vandal talks a bit about Ruben "El Ancho" Peucelle from the Titanes Del Ring promotion out of Argentina. A fun 90-minute show. (9/16/14)

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