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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #22 (8/15/13)

August 15, 2013

Vandal Drummond (Kurt Brown) & Fredo Esparza return to talk a bit of lucha libre! Among the topics discussed are the end of local SoCal promotion, Millennium Pro Wrestling (MPW), balls dropping!, the upcoming lucha shows in Los Angeles including the legends show on 8/25 and UIPW-LA's upcoming shows including that same day bringing in Mascara Dorada and their big show on 9/8 in Pico Rivera featuring a ton of CMLL, Tijuana & local talent! La Secta turning on Cibernetico, AAA tryouts in San Jose on 9/14 & whether we should fund and sneak-in Aerostar into the tryouts in hopes of getting him TWO BOOKINGS at upcoming AAA shows, AAA talent heading to All Japan, New Japan wrestlers heading to CMLL, the insanity of Dave Meltzer's attempt to watch every NJPW G1 Climax show, failed Senfield impersonations, Negro Navarro and what would happen if he watched a WWE Divas match, the break-up of Fuerza TRT and the future of the Dinastia Casas, Ultimo Guerrero feuds, Vandal's favorite MPW matches and a ton more. Fun 1 hour show. This week's show intro is the infamous Anticristo promo from Tijuana! The Luchaworld Pocast is available on iTunes as well. (8/15/13)

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