LuchaWorld Podcast

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #20 (5/30/13)

May 30, 2013

Vandal Drummond (Kurt Brown) and Fredo Esparza are joined by Masked Republic's Kevin Kleinrock to discuss his and Ruben Zamora's latest project Viva L.A. Lucha! Kevin discusses why they decided to go thru the Kickstarter route to fund the Viva L.A. Lucha project, some of the other people involved including Konnan, Sean Waltman (X-Pac), Adam Pearce, and other wrestling personalities. Kevin also discusses some past projects that he was a part of like RXLL in Guadalajara, another lucha show for the G4 network, the difficulties in creating a wrestling TV show without having the final word, and if you ever wanted to know a little bit about starting up a kickstarter project, Kevin shares his own experiences about that as well. (5/30/13)

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