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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #16 (3/29/13)

March 29, 2013

Vandal Drummond and Fredo Esparza look back at CMLL's Dos Leyendas & AAA's Rey de Reyes show. Talk about CMLL making a Harlem Shake video (a little late) and how Vandal had never previously heard of it. We also discuss the big CMLL press conference from awhile ago were they announced the Atlantis-Ultimo Guerrero mask match, more tournaments and a big April 7th show at Arena Coliseo. The GREAT Jack Evans on facebook! Ray Mendoza Jr's show and big time debt. We talk about whether we'll watch Wrestlemania when we can watch that Arena Coliseo show for free and the CM Punk vs. The Undertaker feud. Our dislike for Seth Rogan. Mascarita Dorada joining WWE. Superluchas magazine hiatus and whether it will return in some format. Lots of talk and sadly more Vandal singing! Fun 90-minute show! Taped 3/29/13!

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