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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #14 (2/12/13)

February 12, 2013

LuchaWorld Podcast Episode #14! Join Vandal Drummond and Fredo Esparza as they discuss the latest in the world of lucha libre! The Dorian Roldan-Konnan firing from AAA, first impressions of CMLL's newest wrestler Thunder, the latest on El Hijo del Santo, the Ultimo Guerrero-Atlantis feud, the latest lucha we've watched, raving about Dinastia, Bufete del Amor vs. Invasores, Konnan's confusion on who runs luchablog (could it be thecubsfan or Rob Bihari OR mystery man...KRIS ZELLNER?), watching Blue Panther vs. Dos Caras at an indy show, what if Antonio Peña & Johnny Legend booked a promotion together, and Vandal talks about TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN! Fun 50 minute show. Taped 2/12/13!

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