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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #13 (2/1/13)

February 1, 2013

We look back at the recent L.A. lucha show featuring stars from CMLL, AAA and Mexico's indie scene all together! We discuss the latest from CMLL including Rush vacating his title to pursue the CMLL World Heavyweight title, Rey Escorpion winning the CMLL World Light Heavyweight title (that Rush vacated), the debut of Thunder, and we talk about recent CMLL matches we've seen. We also talk about Ricky Marvin returning full-time to Mexico and how he and Super Crazy have been showcased on independent shows. We look back at Matt Cross and his amazing beard! We also discuss AAA's recent announcement of adding their show onto Televisa Deportes. We talk Los Oficiales and Los Piratas! We round it out by talking about how some lucha promotions did in the Observer awards. All this and Vandal Drummond sings a few tunes (a special cameo by a train too!) throughout the show. About 1 hour of fun. Enjoy! Taped 2/1/13!

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