LuchaWorld Podcast

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #11 (12/8/12)

December 8, 2012

Kurt Brown and Alfredo Esparza talk the latest in lucha libre. First look back at the recent passings of Freebird Buddy Roberts and former UWF jobber and 1/2 of the Hippies, Mike Boyette. They take a look back at the results from AAA's Guerra de Titanes, Vampiro getting his haircut, thoughts on Daga, Texano Jr. winning the AAA mega title the same night his former tag partner, El Terrible retained the CMLL World Title. Talked about the Terrible/Texano Jr. break-up and eventual success in opposing promotions. AAA in the US rumor again! The great build in the Invasores vs. Reyes del Atlantida feud. La Sombra! The good and bad of Diamante Azul. Camorra's tights! The one-sided CMLL-NJPW relationship. CMLL bodybuilding competition leading to Kurt talking about a recent trip to Mexico and entering a few drug pharmacies! Story about Blackie Lawless from WASP! People's surprise that TNA exists. IWRG talk! Discussing some of the matches from the Prision Fatal show. The awesome Oficiales, talking old IWRG, Carta Brava Jr., some Titanes del Ring talk. Lots of lucha, lots of fun! Taped 12/8/12!

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