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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #114 (9/28/19) - Rush & Dragon Lee gone from CMLL

September 29, 2019

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #114!!! Lots of news!!! 

  • Rush, Dragon Lee & Bestia del Ring gone from CMLL!
  • CMLL 86th Anniversary recap! 
  • Rush wins the ROH Title! 
  • CMLL going thru some problems! 
  • What's next for Rush, Dragon Lee & CMLL? 
  • Could more talent be leaving CMLL?

I did the podcast in a timeline fashion, so you can get the idea of how this all came down from talent being disgruntled, Paco Alonso's passing & how it impacted the company's hierarchy, the good and bad that's gone on with CMLL since then and leading up to a crazy Friday night of lucha news. 

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