[FREE Preview] Lucha Clasica Ep. 7

June 1, 2017

Free Preview of Lucha Clasica Ep. 7 - AAA is Born

Fredo Esparza is joined by Steve "Dr. Lucha" Sims as they discuss the formation of AAA and the first month of the promotion's existence. A look back at reasons why Antonio Peña, Konnan, Octagon, Perro Aguayo Sr. and several others left CMLL to start a new promotion. The rest of the podcast is available thru signing up to podbean or patreon!

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Flashback: Dr. Lucha talks Rush & more (9/4/09)

May 18, 2017

Recorded on 9/4/09:

Dr. Lucha joins Slammin' Stan Podcast & actually suggests CMLL team Rush & La Mascara. This is years before they teamed along with La Sombra to form Los Ingobernables. Except Dr. Lucha was joking given that CMLL when Rush first started would list his name as either "Rush" or "Rogue" and would pronounce it differently too. Dr. Lucha also is an easy grader and gives a positive star-rating to one of the worst matches of all-time & tells us he's seen worse.

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