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[FREE PREVIEW] Lucha Clasica Ep. 12

[FREE PREVIEW] Lucha Clasica Ep. 12

October 27, 2017

Free preview of Lucha Clasica Ep. 12 covering Lucha Libre issue #1160 (4/27/1986). Preview is the first 15 minutes of show. Full episode available at as a $3 or more reward! 

You can subscribe to the show via our patreon page at at the $3.00 per month reward option. Here's the podcast link:

Full Show Topics include: 

  • Sangre Chicana matches & we find out why he shows up late to shows! 
  • Martin Lucero's other job!
  • La Fiera & Mocho Cota turn tecnico & we hear from some of their rivals and not from them despite being on this issues cover! 
  • Some fan mail from that era! 
  • Negro Casas, Blue Panther, Super Raton & El Salvaje interviews! 
  • El Solitario's passing with family giving details at a press conference.
  • Comando Ruso shares a teenage love story! 
  • Rey Misterio Sr info & how he would later impact the Tijuana lucha scene. 
  • Emilio Charles Jr. not allowed back home since turning rudo! 
  • Plus we talk about the monstrous Box y Lucha 1967 annual that will be featured on our next show & preliminary discussion on a new podcast show. 
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