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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #49 (11/20/15)

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #49 (11/20/15)

November 20, 2015

This week we talk about La Sombra joining WWE and look back at his last four months with CMLL. Alberto Del Rio returns to WWE and how he left AAA scrambling. Cibernetico leaves AAA to join Lucha Libre Elte. Possible more departures from AAA. The confusion leading into Guerra de Titanes with Averno, Chessman, Rey Mysterio and promoter listing guys unlikely to show up like John Cena. We also look forward to the great lineup for NJPW's FantasticaMania 2016 tour. Plus Kurt reads fan mail and our usual "I Can't Believe Thunder's in CMLL" rant. Over 2 hours of lucha and outrage on this show! (11/20/15)

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