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LuchaWorldl Podcast Ep #44 (7/9/15)

LuchaWorldl Podcast Ep #44 (7/9/15)

July 9, 2015

The LuchaWorld Podcast returns with our 3rd annual trek to Los Angeles for an interview with L.A. lucha legend Super Boy. Super Boy shares his thoughts on the changes in lucha libre over the years, his father El Moro and the contributions he made to the local lucha scene, the early days of lucha in Los Angeles, Lucha Underground, more from Super Boy's WCW try-out, Blitzkrieg, meeting Randy "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Larry Zbyzsko & Razor Ramon (Scott Hall), wrestling for Revolution Pro, Super Dragon, crushing Rising Son, Apolo Jalisco, Josephine "The Chicken Lady", Tinieblas & Alushe, tribute show chaos, why Super Boy left the business and why he came back, getting into announcing and promoting his own shows. For more info on Super Boy's lucha promotion visit Fusion Pro Wrestling's facebook page! A fun 2-hour-plus podcast! (7/9/15)

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