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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #8 (8/11/12)

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep #8 (8/11/12)

August 11, 2012

Kurt and Fredo return after several months off for a Saturday Night LuchaWorld All-night special! Taped on 8/11/12! We discuss New Mistico's debut. CMLL's TV programming and match-making and how difficult it is to figure out. La Sombra and were he's at. Kurt tries to get Fredo to reveal insider secrets. We look back at Triplemania XX. Sexy Star's new look. Perros Del Mal dumping Hector Garza. El Consejo's night. Kurt Angle's involvement. We wonder why Electroshock works so many big matches for AAA. The various stip matches on the show. We also talk about CMLL on, the Marcela vs. Tiffany hair match. Upcoming Lucha Libre Reunion in LA on August 26th and our request for luchador White Pork's photo! Fredo tells Kurt about the new women's promotion in the US, with a hilarious acronym! Vandal Drummond and Crayz doing a spit spot on a recent MPW show. We remember Red Bastien, who passed away on Saturday and his involvement with the WIN lucha libre promotion and what a good guy he was. Fun show.

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