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Slammin’ Stan Ep. 10 (8/28/09)

Slammin’ Stan Ep. 10 (8/28/09)

August 28, 2009

Recorded on 8/28/09:

Kurt Brown (a.k.a. Vandal Drummond) and Fredo Esparza discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Kurt goes to a stand-up comedy show featuring Mick Foley and Colt Cabana.
  • Rey Mysterio's WWE Suspension which leads to Kurt going on a rant wanting everyone to smoke pot!
  • CMLL 76th Anniversary show w/ Mistico vs. Negro Casas in a mask vs. hair match.
  • Shocker introduces Jon Strongman in CMLL!
  • AAA news: Two Grondas in AAA, Oriental leaves AAA, while his sister Esther Moreno returns!
  • Thoughts on documentaries "The Man Whose Arms Exploded" and "Bigger, Stronger, Faster"
  • Fredo asks Kurt if female wrestlers blade differently to male wrestlers which of course leads to more Dr. Jerry Graham stories!
  • Kurt explains older wrestling insiders fascination with Roller Derby.
  • Movie reviews of [REC] and Watchmen.
  • Plus lots more in a 1-hour plus show!

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Slammin’ Stan Ep. 9 (8/21/09)

Slammin’ Stan Ep. 9 (8/21/09)

August 21, 2009

Recorded on 8/21/09!!!

Dr. Lucha joins the show with Kurt Brown (a.k.a. Vandal Drummond) and Fredo Esparza to discuss a variety of topics!!!

  • Chris Jericho on a news show.
  • Fredo struggles with reading the History of the NWA book.
  • Dr. Lucha calls in to discuss the Mistico vs. Tiger Mask IV match!
  • Dead crowds
  • South Park talk!
  • Stalker Ichikawa vs. Abdullah The Butcher
  • AAA news & notes! Talent leaving AAA! AAA in turmoil!
  • Where is X-Pac?
  • Dr. Lucha gets arrested mid-show!
  • Dr. Jerry Lucha
  • Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. El Mesias gets 7-stars!
  • Da Neighba Hoodz!
  • Incredibly Strange Wrestling
  • Lucha cult film featuring Super Popi in his b-day suit
  • Wild in the Streets movie
  • First wrestling web page Fredo ever found was Kurt's Super Popi web page.
  • Dr. Lucha & Fredo talk Cubs vs. Dodgers & Cubs closer status.
  • Kurt & Fredo fantasy book the Gato Eveready - Pimpinela Escarlata storyline with them having a child that grows up to be a giant Gronda-looking feline transvestite luchador!
  • Dr. Lucha reviews Kurt's old Viva La Lucha newsletter.

And much more...

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Slammin’ Stan Ep 8 (8/14/09)

Slammin’ Stan Ep 8 (8/14/09)

August 14, 2009

Recorded on 8/14/09

Kurt Brown & Fredo Esparza return to talk about wrestling and a variety of topics! Plus we get TWO MYSTERY CALLERS for this show! 

- Terry Funk's music album from Japan.
- Triplemania
- Pimpinela & Gato Eveready
- Odessasteps (Mark Coale) & "Dr. Lucha" Steve Sims joins the show.
- Stalker Ichikawa
- Traveling to Tijuana to watch lucha shows.
- Bello Greco & Sergio El Hermoso
- Mildred Burke book
- "Lou Kez" and "Hobo Brazil"
- promoting lucha libre/wrestling shows.

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