Lucha Clasica Ep. 9 - L.A. Park

June 30, 2017

L.A. Park Special!!! 

Fredo Esparza is joined in this Lucha Clasica special by Steve "Dr. Lucha" Sims as they take a look back at the career of one of the biggest names in lucha libre from the past 25 years, Adolfo Tapia Ibarra, better known worldwide as L.A. Park or the original La Parka! We look back as his career from the early days, to joining AAA, his role in WCW, joining CMLL, battling over his name with AAA, and being an independent and lucha libre's free spirit! 

Some of what we discuss in this episode: 

  • His early days under numerous gimmicks including Principe Island
  • Where did Antonio Peña get the inspiration to create the La Parka character & how Adolfo Tapia would get to be the character.  
  • La Parka in AAA & how he went from just a fun character to one of the bigger names in AAA. 
  • La Parka feuds with Lizmark over Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title. 
  • La Parka turns tecnico and feuds with Jerry "El Puma" Estrada with bonus Estrada tale.
  • Feud with Pierroth Jr. that would be one of the biggest feuds in Mexico in the late '90s. 
  • La Parka joins WCW and how that time period is viewed by fans and how it affects his legacy. 
  • La Parka becomes an independent and goes to battle with AAA over the use of the "La Parka" name. What Antonio Peña and Adolfo Tapia's relationship was like after this lawsuit. 
  • L.A. Park joins CMLL and how that ended with issues between the promotion and himself. 
  • L.A. Park's AAA return and the Triplemania match with AAA's La Parka. Was there heat between these two? (Oh yeah!!!) 
  • L.A. Park as an independent and his very brief return to CMLL in 2015. 
  • His feuds with Hijo del Santo, Dr. Wagner Jr., and Rush. 

And much more!!! Over 100 minutes of L.A. Park discussion!!! 

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