Lucha Clasica Ep. 8

June 16, 2017

Kurt Brown returns and joins Fredo Esparza to talk about the world of lucha libre back as they go thru the Box y Lucha May 15, 1992 issue! Plus Kurt talks about a memorable Titanes En El Ring storyline involving La Momia and David El Pastor!

Some of what we talk about in this episode: 

  • CMLL results from early May 1992 including Lizmark vs. Satanico, Felino and Ciclon Ramirez feuding, Ringo & Cachorro Mendoza winning tag tournament, Rey Gestas facing Principe Island and feuding with Konnan. 
  • Andre The Giant tours Mexico with UWA. 
  • Too Cold Scorpio debuts in Mexico as Black Scorpio. 
  • La Ola Lila! 
  • Xochitl Hamada refuses to name who her boyfriend was at that time. 
  • Espanto Jr. talks Hijo del Santo, titles & fears
  • 1936 news - Salvador Lutteroth brings in new talent to Mexico City including Sterling "Dizzy" Davis (later known as Gardenia Davis in Mexico) and Lupe Zarate, who was a luchador with no arms! 
  • Titanes En El Ring - La Momia & David El Pastor angle! 
  • Plus weird kid shows of the past including those with clowns and one hosted by Xuxa! 

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