Lucha Clasica Ep. 7 - AAA is Born

June 1, 2017

Fredo Esparza is joined by Steve "Dr. Lucha" Sims as they discuss the formation of AAA and the first month of the promotion's existence. A look back at reasons why Antonio Peña, Konnan, Octagon, Perro Aguayo Sr. and several others left CMLL to start a new promotion. 

Some of what we discuss: 

  • State of lucha libre back in 1992
  • The wrestler's union strike in 1991
  • Antonio Peña's role in CMLL/EMLL prior to leaving 
  • The eventual split of Peña and others from CMLL and formation of AAA
  • What wrestlers joined AAA at the start? 
  • Octagon and Konnan's roles in building AAA. 
  • Konnan's rap album and TV appearances 
  • Most important luchador/luchadores that jumped from CMLL to AAA. 
  • Why go with the rather long name for AAA? 
  • Antonio Peña creates Volador & La Parka characters and who was suppose to fill those roles. 
  • Winners, CMLL's answer to Tijuana's rising new talent. 
  • AAA May 7, 1992 press conference
  • Paco Alonso's reaction to AAA forming. 
  • AAA's first show on May 15, 1992
  • Mexico's top draw at time El Hijo del Santo joins AAA.
  • Televisa's involvement and AAA's initial TV deal. 
  • Names that didn't jump to AAA including Negro Casas, Javier Llanes, Rayo De Jalisco Jr. and more! 

Over 90-minute show with all this  plus tons more! 

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