Lucha Clasica Ep. 6 - Los Brazos

May 15, 2017

Lucha Clasica Ep. #6 w/ Kurt Brown (a.k.a. Vandal Drummond) and Fredo Esparza! This week we look back at the careers of Los Brazos.

  • The tag team later turned trio featuring Brazo de Oro, Brazo de Plata & El Brazo. Their look and in-ring style.
  • Early New Japan tour.
  • Wresting in the Lebell/NWA Los Angeles territory.
  • Part of the legendary group of trios in the '80s in El Toreo for UWA/LLI.
  • Feud with Los Villanos.
  • Careers as Masked and unmasked trio.
  • Joining EMLL/CMLL
  • Going from being a rough rudo trio to a beloved tecnico trio.
  • Super Porky's charisma and Los Brazos comedy spots.
  • Hamada's UWF tours
  • Trio break-up and post-trio career. Super Porky as a singles star and later roles as Santa Claus, Rotoporky and an Elvis impersonator. El Brazo as Latin Boiler and as an exotico in AAA. Brazo de Oro's numerous hair matches.
  • Place in history.

Los Brazos Dream Sequence!!!

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