LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #84 (8/17/17)

August 18, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. 84! Fredo Esparza goes solo to discuss the CMLL 84th Anniversary announcements, Sam Adonis vs. Blue Panther, the Sam Adonis Univision special, Triplemania XXV update, La Llave a La Gloria news, Lucha Underground and more! 

Some of the topics on this episode:

  • CMLL 84th Anniversary news (Zeuxis vs. Princesa Sugehit & Niebla Roja vs. Gran Guerrero mask matches, plus Flip Gordon CMLL debut)
  • CMLL Gran Prix and 84th Anniversary on iPPV
  • Sam Adonis vs. Blue Panther hair match.
  • The hilarious Sam Adonis Univsion Special that featured some strange choices in actors playing Sam, Negro Casas, and Rush.
  • Recent good CMLL matches
  • the latest Triplemania XXV news
  • La Llave a la Gloria winners
  • Some great Lucha Underground matches worth watching.
  • Alberto El Patron is stripped of GFW title.
  • The Crash on Impact Wrestling
  • Blue Demon family member suing Televisa over the Blue Demon TV Series

All that plus much more! One-hour episode!

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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #83 (7/26/17)

July 28, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. 83!!! Kurt & Fredo talk Triplemania XXV lineup, the Taya/Johnny Mundo/Vampiro situation, Copa Natalia Vazquez, Ultimo Guerrero vs. Volador Jr., CMLL Gran Prix 2017 teams, Sam Adonis vs. Blue Panther, and much more!

Some of the Topics on this episode:

  • Triplemania XXV Lineup including all the surprises from the press conference!
  • Taya/Johnny Mundo/Vampiro situation that keeps on going
  • Sexy Star's AAA return
  • Psicosis/Ripper's AAA return
  • Recent CMLL shows
  • Pierroth vs. Vangellys in a hair match
  • Ultimo Guerrero vs. Volador Jr. for Universal Title
  • Copa Natalia Vazquez
  • Sanely Fan Club Growing!!!
  • Blue Panther vs. Sam Adonis in a hair match
  • Gran Prix 2017 teams
  • CMLL 84th Anniversary date and thoughts on possible matches.
  • Remembering Tijuana promoter Benjamin Mora.
  • Our trip to RIW were we interviewed Puma, Tiger & Guerrero Maya Jr.

75 minutes of lucha talk!

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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #82 (7/13/17)

July 14, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #82!!! Fredo Esparza is joined this week by two guests as thecubsfan and Rob Bihari join the show to talk some lucha libre! We discuss all the news going on in lucha libre including the latest on Alberto El Patron, Atlantis, Triplemania build-up and more!

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Alberto El Patron in the news & possibly in Triplemania
  • Triplemania build-up
  • Thoughts on Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Psycho Clown mask match
  • L.A. Park's possible next move
  • Is AAA's current TV worst now than ever.
  • Rob picks his Mae Young Classic Winner!
  • CMLL tournaments! Including Cholo's huge torneo cibernetico win!
  • Atlantis injury and does it affect CMLL's upcoming plans.
  • Thoughts on who is the first half Luchador Of the Year for 2017.
  • Lucha Underground Season 3 thoughts including Cueto Cup and the great build-up for Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio.
  • Thoughts on how luchadores are used in NJPW, WWE, Impact and ROH!
  • Plus Rob plays the "Raptor or not Raptor" game and thecubsfan shares his thoughts on the Chicago Cubs - White Sox trade!

A fun 90-minute show! Enjoy!

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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #81 (6/20/17)

June 21, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #81! Kurt Brown (a.k.a. Vandal Drummond) and Fredo Esparza return to talk the latest happenings in lucha libre including the Gran Alternativa Final, Alvarados, Cage murdering Lorenzo Lamas & story time w/ Cibernetico!

  • The latest on the Alvarados vs. Ultimo Guerrero's blue mustang
  • Bobby Zavala finally talks
  • Soberano Jr. & Caristico win Gran Alternativa in a great match
  • Dragon Lee vs. Barbaro Cavernario
  • Marco Corleone as CMLL World Heavyweight Champion
  • the underrated El Terrible
  • the epic Vangellys vs. Pierroth feud that no one really wanted to see!
  • the undefeated Micro Man & El Gallito
  • Princesa Sugehit heading to WWE for Mae Young Classic! Kurt vows to start watching WWE women's wrestling....AGAIN!!!
  • AAA's latest TV tapings news
  • Cage destroys Commissioner Delgado (Lorenzo Lamas)
  • The Cueto Cup
  • Story time with Cibernetico
  • Rey Escorpion joins Los Ingobernables
  • Kurt and I watch Lucha Memes matches!


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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #80 (6/6/17)

June 8, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #80! Kurt Brown (a.k.a. Vandal Drummond) makes his return to join Fredo Esparza to talk the latest news in lucha libre! We discuss more Maximo & La Mascara, CMLL tournaments, Ingobernables & Lucha Underground returns!

  • Maximo & La Mascara debut in The Crash.
  • Thoughts on some of what went down on the 6/2 The Crash show.
  • Black Terry's awesomeness!
  • CMLL holds tournaments/torneo ciberneticos for Gran Alternativa, CMLL World Heavyweight & CMLL World Light Heavyweight titles.
  • Vangellys tries to join Los Ingobernables.
  • CMLL returns to Azteca (US).
  • Hechicero challenges El Satanico for control of the "Infernales" match.
  • AAA's Verano de Escandalo recap.
  • X-LAW returns!
  • Keira's strong 2017!
  • Lucha Underground returns with Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack in an "almost" All Night Long match!

Tons more on the show!

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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #79 (5/24/17)

May 25, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #79 w/ Fredo Esparza and 1st-time ever guest thecubsfan talking lucha libre!!! We discuss the recent CMLL drama involving the Alvarado family, Ultimo Guerrero and his blue mustang plus everything that's happened since that news first broke.

  • The firings of La Mascara, Maximo Sexy and Bobby Villa.
  • Why were the Alvarados upset, the CMLL wrestlers union, Nitro new leader, Ultimo Guerrero publicly saying no interest in union leadership role.
  • What's next for those fired and those involved in incident (including Psycho Clown) and how it effects CMLL, possibly AAA and the independents.
  • Blue Demon TV series and whether we're still watching. 
  • The second half of Lucha Underground Season 3. What to expect, will their viewers return, plus thecubsfan lets us know what he could without spoiling anything!
  • AAA's current direction including constant lineup changes, the Llave a La Gloria tryouts, build-up for Verano de Escandalo and Triplemania XXV.
  • CMLL pushing younger talent like Soberano Jr. and Niebla Roja and CMLL talent wrestling outside of Mexico with New Japan & Ring Of Honor.
  • Luchadores in U.S. promotions. How WWE has handled Andrade Cien Almas and Gran Metalik and Impact's use of Alberto El Patron, Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid. Plus we talk about the great Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne match that thecubsfan saw live and I actually watched on hulu!
  • thecubsfan talks about his own history writing about lucha libre and pro wrestling. Why he started writing about lucha libre and his past recapping WWE & WCW shows.

A fun 90+ minute show with thecubsfan! Be sure to visit his website

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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #78 (5/8/17)

May 9, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. 78 w/ Kurt Brown (a.k.a. Vandal Drummond) and Fredo Esparza back talking lucha libre!!! This week we talk about our trip to Las Vegas for the annual Cauliflower Alley Club reunion, Brazo de Oro & El Gran Apache's passings and a look back thru their careers, Negro Navarro vs. Zack Sabre Jr. from CHAIRO 10, CMLL's Microstars amazing Kid's Day match, Micro Man "the future of pro wrestling", Volador Jr. vs. La Mascara, Volador Jr. & Dragon Lee in New Japan's BOSJ tournament and AAA's Verano De Escandalo show.

Recommended Matches:

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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #77 (4/25/17) w/ Dr. Lucha

April 26, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast #77!!! This week Fredo Esparza is joined by Steve "Dr. Lucha" Sims to talk the latest happenings in the world of lucha libre! We go thru everything going on in CMLL, AAA and even discuss pro boxing!

  • What's going on with the AAA-Impact partnership and how does this affect Lucha Underground, The Crash, Konnan and others!
  • Dr. Lucha's thoughts on Lucha Underground. Will we see wrestlers from Impact and Lucha Underground on the other's show?
  • AAA's new booking changes and the direction they are going with TV and what luchadores are benefitting from this change.
  • Thoughts on AAA's La Llave a La Gloria and will this truly help AAA.
  • Who is Kevin Kross? Is Luchasaurus the next big foreigner to join AAA?
  • CMLL's Nuevos Valores matches. Soberano Jr. and Jr. Dinamitas potential.
  • CMLL's MATCH OF THE CENTURY!!! Can Micro Man save pro wrestling? The build-up, hype, excitement behind this match!
  • Should CMLL end the minis division?
  • Niebla Roja and Los Guerreros eventual split and what direction will they go with him.
  • Volador Jr. looking a bit disinterested in some of his matches of late.
  • Dr. Lucha gives his early prediction for what could be this year's CMLL Anniversary main event.
  • Sexy Star's pro boxing debut and what her future will be in both boxing and wrestling.
  • Jack Swagger's Mexico debut!
  • And much more, including whether Dr. Lucha would purchase Mascara 2000's new album!

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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #76 (4/10/17)

April 11, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #76! Kurt Brown & Fredo Esparza return to talk the latest lucha libre news! This week we talk about the recent passings of AAA's Joaquin Roldan, lucha libre legend Fishman, and Dardo Aguilar! We talk about some of the news coming out of The Crash's Mexico City debut including DJZ's injury, CMLL's Reyes del Aire match, Los Ingobernables confront Black Terry & Negro Navarro, AAA's Rey de Reyes Part 2 being one of AAA's best TV episodes in years, and the upcoming BIG CMLL Match featuring the lucha mascots. Plus we talk about our last couple of trips to lucha shows and waiting around in Oxnard for Negro Casas and him being awesome! Fun Show. Nearly 90 minutes! Enjoy! 

Some Matches worth watching:


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LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #75 (4/3/17)

April 3, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #75 with Fredo Esparza going solo talking about the passing of Dardo Aguilar, three CMLL Friday shows including Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, AAA's Rey de Reyes Part 1, upcoming shows, plus the CMLL mascots are headed to a big match on Kid's Day in Arena Mexico!!!

Some matches worth watching:

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