LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #77 (4/25/17) w/ Dr. Lucha

April 26, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast #77!!! This week Fredo Esparza is joined by Steve "Dr. Lucha" Sims to talk the latest happenings in the world of lucha libre! We go thru everything going on in CMLL, AAA and even discuss pro boxing!

  • What's going on with the AAA-Impact partnership and how does this affect Lucha Underground, The Crash, Konnan and others!
  • Dr. Lucha's thoughts on Lucha Underground. Will we see wrestlers from Impact and Lucha Underground on the other's show?
  • AAA's new booking changes and the direction they are going with TV and what luchadores are benefitting from this change.
  • Thoughts on AAA's La Llave a La Gloria and will this truly help AAA.
  • Who is Kevin Kross? Is Luchasaurus the next big foreigner to join AAA?
  • CMLL's Nuevos Valores matches. Soberano Jr. and Jr. Dinamitas potential.
  • CMLL's MATCH OF THE CENTURY!!! Can Micro Man save pro wrestling? The build-up, hype, excitement behind this match!
  • Should CMLL end the minis division?
  • Niebla Roja and Los Guerreros eventual split and what direction will they go with him.
  • Volador Jr. looking a bit disinterested in some of his matches of late.
  • Dr. Lucha gives his early prediction for what could be this year's CMLL Anniversary main event.
  • Sexy Star's pro boxing debut and what her future will be in both boxing and wrestling.
  • Jack Swagger's Mexico debut!
  • And much more, including whether Dr. Lucha would purchase Mascara 2000's new album!

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Dr. Cerebro Interview 3/19/17 (in Spanish)

April 24, 2017

Dr. Cerebro talked to about his lucha libre career. When he started, taking over the Dr. Cerebro character, being an independent luchador, the CMLL vs. indie match-ups, his rivalry with El Hijo del Santo, thoughts on fans outside of Mexico recognizing his skill level, training luchadores, and being a chiropractor.

Interview is in Spanish. You can read the interview translated to English at!



LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #76 (4/10/17)

April 11, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #76! Kurt Brown & Fredo Esparza return to talk the latest lucha libre news! This week we talk about the recent passings of AAA's Joaquin Roldan, lucha libre legend Fishman, and Dardo Aguilar! We talk about some of the news coming out of The Crash's Mexico City debut including DJZ's injury, CMLL's Reyes del Aire match, Los Ingobernables confront Black Terry & Negro Navarro, AAA's Rey de Reyes Part 2 being one of AAA's best TV episodes in years, and the upcoming BIG CMLL Match featuring the lucha mascots. Plus we talk about our last couple of trips to lucha shows and waiting around in Oxnard for Negro Casas and him being awesome! Fun Show. Nearly 90 minutes! Enjoy! 

Some Matches worth watching:


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Mano Negra Interview 3/19/17 (in Spanish)

April 6, 2017

Mano Negra talks to about his career, who came up with the "Mano Negra" look and name and what historical moment inspired his character, losing his mask to Atlantis, his son Mano Negra Jr. and his daughter Sanely and returning to lucha libre after being retired for a few years!


The interview is in Spanish. You can read the interview translated at!


LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #75 (4/3/17)

April 3, 2017

LuchaWorld Podcast Ep. #75 with Fredo Esparza going solo talking about the passing of Dardo Aguilar, three CMLL Friday shows including Homenaje a Dos Leyendas, AAA's Rey de Reyes Part 1, upcoming shows, plus the CMLL mascots are headed to a big match on Kid's Day in Arena Mexico!!!

Some matches worth watching:

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